Sage X3 People:Training Management

Training management

Sage X3 People training management module is a most have module for any organization that is interested in building her human capital to meet the evolving business environment.

Training budgets:

  • Budget wizard to define training plans and budget
  • Training needs, requests, and auto detection
  • Gross training costs calculation and budget control



Training programs:

  • Training path, organisation, and tracking of training actions
  • Training catalogue accessible within the self-service portal

Let’s take a look at some features of the training management modules

Budget Guideline

The Human Resources manager uses this function to enter an authorized amount that will be used as a reference when creating the training plan.

The Human Resources manager is not required to enter the authorized budget and can directly work using plan simulations.



Standard Program

Use this function to create training program models and identify in advance a series of training periods to implement.

A standard program can be delivered to one or several employee IDs and contracts.
It is possible to create an individual program from an existing standard program.

By selecting some criteria, the “Training generation” function can also be used to generate several individual programs from a standard program.

The elements of the standard program are initialized in the individual programs (position, standard job, training periods, and so on).


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