Sage X3: Disciplinary

Sage X3 people has a function called “Disciplinary(Sanctions) which enables HR personnel report misconduct incidents that happened during the year and to record potential employee’s appeal.


You can use the data to provide statistical reports to management and to identify specific trends of concern around misconduct or mismanagement issues that may need attention or further action.



Every company have employee handbook that contains code of conducts, disciplinary actions, duration of such actions and level/degree of offenses.

The following can be setup in the Sage X3 people disciplinary(Sanctions) functions:

  • Offenses
  • Level
  • Sanction type
  • Sanction period start and end date
  • Attachment of documents
  • Witness
  • Committee members
  • Outcome of Panel

Appeal tab can be used to record the arbitration taken by the employee after the sanction has been awarded.

  • In the Appeal grid, enter data such as the Appeal type, Action type, Appeal date, Outcome of the appeal, Award type and Award value.
  • In the Comments area, enter comments if you need.

If the outcome of the process includes a financial award in favor of the employee and if the effective date is in the current pay month or a future pay month, the amount displays on the employee’s payslip.

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