Sage Implementation and Training

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Implementing Accounting/ERP solution is based on best practices and case studies from various sources and presents a collection of processes that make up a complete implementation method to allow any organization to plan and execute the implementation of these software.

Which Accounting/ERP Implementation Strategy is best for you?

There certainly is, no one-size-fits-all when it comes to implementing Sage Evolution Accounting/ERP system. Every company has unique goals, and an implementation requires careful planning and analysis. Some companies may choose a combination of strategies, like a mini big bang mixed with phased rollouts (i.e. “big bang” the important modules, then add in the peripheral modules later).
Following our generic methodology and framework, it is often argued that success can be yielded in implementing ERP systems. In this context, Software Concepts proposed an Implementation Methodology based on an extensive review that reflect the essential critical factors of success.

“99.9 % Implementation Success Rate”

The first step in our implementation methodology is a Business Process Analysis exercise, which is free of charge. Business Process Analysis is performed to analyse your actual business processes and its corresponding mapping that will be done in our proposed solution. It will also help in understanding better the objectives of the implementation. Only after this analysis has been completed & signed off, we are now in a better position to make our recommendation either to use the big bang or Phased rollout.
A Project Co-ordinator from the client will have to be designated whose main responsibility jointly with our Project Manager is to ensure the project is carried out successfully.
Our business analyst will then prepare an Implementation and Training plan which will reveal the timeframe of the project, while outlining on tasks to be carried out on specific dates. The schedule of activities is planned jointly with the client. Steering committees comprising of management staff from both companies is to be instituted at regular intervals and whose role is to ensure the project is carried out according to plans and decisions taken by the committee.
Our implementation services encompasses installation, set up, configuration, data migration, design, prototyping, testing, go live, handholding & post implementation review.


I offer the following Onsite training: