Sage Evolution Business Gateway

What is Business Gateway?

  • Provide web access to Sage Evolution agents and customers
  • Adds web access to Sage Evolution Resolve and certain accounting functionalities

What’s new in Sage Evolution Business Gateway?

Structural changes

  • Entirely new technology platform
    • The previous system was written using older technology which got in the way of new development.
    • The new system is written using current best-practice technology and techniques which will make system maintenance.
  • Focus on ease of installation
    • The previous system was very difficult to install. Installers needed fairly advanced knowledge of IIS and Component services.
    • The new system is much simpler to set up.

New feature highlights

  • Dashboard landing page – provides a quick overview of current tasks and progress.
  • Fully mobile – screens and charts can be viewed on devices like smartphones and tablets. Flash charts fall back to html5 so that they can still display on devices that don’t support flash.
  • Statement drill-downs – this was the most requested feature for the previous version.
  • Procurement – PO approvals provides access to approving managers that are rarely in the office.
  • Much more administrative information and control.



  • Create incidents
  • Monitor existing incidents and provide feedback
  • View and search knowledge base articles
  • View customer statements
  • Drill down into invoices
  • View linked products and contracts
  • Update account details

Sage Evolution Agents

  • Create incidents
  • Work with existing incidents (action, update, close, workflow)
  • Inventory details including images and full pricing and stock information
  • Agent directory (internal lookup of basic staff info)
  • View contract information
  • View and update customer information
  • View and update people information
  • Procurement purchase order authorisations
  • View and search knowledge base articles

Mobile Sales Reps – Web app targeted at smartphones (cross-platform)

  • Basic incident management (simple versions of create, action, update, close, workflow)
  • View customers
    • Basic details
    • Open incidents
    • Recent Transactions
  • View inventory
    • Basic details
    • Images
    • Stock including warehouse stock
    • Pricing
  • Sales orders / Quotations