How to delete services on Windows

Use the SC command, like this (you need to be on a command prompt to execute the commands in this post):

SC STOP shortservicename
SC DELETE shortservicename

Note: You need to run the command prompt as an administrator, not just logged in as the administrator, but also with administrative rights. If you get errors above about not having the necessary access rights to stop and/or delete the service, run the command prompt as an administrator. You can do this by searching for the command prompt on your start menu and then right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator”.

If you need to find the short service name of a service, use the following command to generate a text file containing a list of services and their statuses:

SC QUERY state= all >"C:\Service List.txt"

For a more concise list, execute this command:

SC QUERY state= all | FIND "_NAME"

The short service name will be listed just above the display name, like this:

DISPLAY_NAME: SSDP Discovery Service

And thus to delete that service (it is not recommended to delete the SSDPSRV service btw):


Method 2

Click Start | Run and type regedit in the Open: line. Click OK.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services

Scroll down the left pane, locate the service name, right click it and select Delete.

Reboot the system.

Method 3

Use services.msc or (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services) to find the service in question. Double-click to see the service name and the path to the executable.

Check the exe version information for a clue as to the owner of the service, and use Add/Remove programs to do a clean uninstall if possible.

Failing that, from the command prompt:

sc stop servicexyz
sc delete servicexyz

No restart should be required.