Backup using SQL Query and Task Scheduler

Sage Evolution comes with SQL Express Editions but SQL Server Express editions do not offer a way to schedule either jobs or maintenance plans because the SQL Server Agent component is not included in these editions. Therefore, you have to take a different approach to back up your databases when you use these editions.

This article describes how to use a Transact-SQL script together with Windows Task Scheduler to automate backups of SQL Server Express databases on a scheduled basis.

If you are running MS SQL Standard or Enterprise Editions see Scheduling Backup with SQL Server 2012 Standard  Editions

Step 1

Download the script from the link below


backup view

Extract the files to your local root folder C:/ 

Open the Backup2.txt and edit the database instance name


Save the file name as Backup2.cmd

backup 3

 Step 2

Go to Start…All Programs….System tools…..Task Scheduler

backup 4


Click on Import Task

Locate Evolution Backups.xml extracted from the downloaded file



Click Open



Click other tabs to configure to your taste.

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