Sage X3 People: Payslip by Email

This function in Sage X3 People allows to send to the employee the monthly payslips by email. This function can be used to send by email This function allows to send to the employee the monthly payslips by email. This function can be used to send by email payslips corresponding to several criteria.payslips corresponding to several criteria.


This screen allows you to:

  • Select the payslips to sent by email by entering criteria for the company, the site, the department, the profile, the employees and the population.
  • Specify the dates of the payslips. It is possible to send more than one payslip by pay date for the same payment month.

To send the Pay slip by email, the follow criteria must be fulfilled:

  • The pay slip status must be calculated or printed;
  • The Setup must be completed.

At the end of the process, a log file displays the report of the generation.



Sage X3: Disciplinary

Sage X3 people has a function called “Disciplinary(Sanctions) which enables HR personnel report misconduct incidents that happened during the year and to record potential employee’s appeal.


You can use the data to provide statistical reports to management and to identify specific trends of concern around misconduct or mismanagement issues that may need attention or further action.



Every company have employee handbook that contains code of conducts, disciplinary actions, duration of such actions and level/degree of offenses.

The following can be setup in the Sage X3 people disciplinary(Sanctions) functions:

  • Offenses
  • Level
  • Sanction type
  • Sanction period start and end date
  • Attachment of documents
  • Witness
  • Committee members
  • Outcome of Panel

Appeal tab can be used to record the arbitration taken by the employee after the sanction has been awarded.

  • In the Appeal grid, enter data such as the Appeal type, Action type, Appeal date, Outcome of the appeal, Award type and Award value.
  • In the Comments area, enter comments if you need.

If the outcome of the process includes a financial award in favor of the employee and if the effective date is in the current pay month or a future pay month, the amount displays on the employee’s payslip.

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Automating Sage X3 People Backup

The following are the steps for automating Sage X3 People backups:

  • Login to the X3 Folder with Administrator account.
    Open the Recurring Task Management Screen. (Usage-> Batch Server->Recurring Task Management).
  • Create a new Recurring Task from the screen. Please refer the below screenshot for creating the Recurring Task.

  • If you are creating a Task Code from the X3 Folder do enter X3 as the Folder in the Field ’FOLDER’. Enter an Admin User in the User Code field.
  • Make sure you enter the TASK CODE as “DOSEXTRACT”.
  • Setup the Periodicity as per your requirement and Click on Active.
  • Then Click on Create.
  • Click on Parameter Definition. This will open the below window(Data Extract):


  • Enter the name of the Folder whose data you need to extract. Keep rest of the field’s value as default and click on OK.
  • Click on Save and your recurring task setup is complete.


The recurring task will automatically execute the data backup for the folders that you have setup. You will have to setup a Recurring Task for each folder to take their respective backup.

Note :

Warning, this type of function is a maintenance function reserved for developers, it is linked to the Adonix engine and not to the standard databases. As a consequence, it should not be used as a habitual backup procedure, since it does not have the guarantees of security or performance. A backup with the standard database tools is strongly recommended before every use of this type of function.

Amongst the limitations of this type of function, it should be noted that, if it is launched for several database tables, it can lead to a database image that is not globally coherent if updates take place during the export (unlike the standard tools associated with the databases). If the function is to be used to extract a coherent image, it is necessary to ensure that nobody else is connected to the folder during the extraction.