Leave Management by People Payroll

People payroll development team has taken the serious effort to implement leave management processes across Africa. In this article I will summarize the features available.

Leave Policy Screen

All employees must be linked to a Leave policy (A nice control implemented properly). The leave policy determines the leave entitlement for applicable leave definitions

Policies are defined at company leave and linked to an employee. Changes can be made to employee’s leave policy, if the leave policy the employee is linked to allows for changes on employee level

Employee leave details

The employee’s leave detail defaults from the leave policy to which the employee is linked. Changes to the employee’s leave entitlement cannot be made on the Leave Detail screen.

Leave calendar

The leave calendar displays all leave transactions and related dates on an MS Outlook style calendar

Employee Leave Reports

People payroll comes with a set of predefined leave reports including

  • Leave Details
  • Leave Summary
  • Leave adjustment
  • Leave Basic
  • Leave by Months
  • Leave provisions
  • Leave Max Credit

Other Features

  • Future period transactions
  • Multiple Employee leave policy Transfer

Stay tuned for more features…